St. John’s McNicoll Centre (SJMC), a registered Canadian Charity, was incorporated in Ontario in 2004 by a group of concerned Christian individuals, including medical doctors, clergy and professionals from Toronto. SJMC has taken over a 5.8 acre site (on the northeast corner of Victoria Park and McNicoll Avenues) donated by Dr. Sai Kui Lee, the President, and since 2007 has been planning and developing a community that will include, upon completion, three life lease senior apartment buildings, a Christian church, a Community Centre and a multi-purpose Health and Wellness complex. In 2019, based on senior housing demands, SJMC decided to change the plan for a Health and Wellness complex into a third life lease senior apartment.

SJMC’s vision is to adopt a holistic approach to meet the spiritual and physical wellness of the Chinese community. The organization aims to provide a comprehensive range of community services to address the needs of seniors and mature adults, including residents of Vintage Garden, members of the church, and residents of the general community. All programs are to address holistic needs and seek to improve wellness, independence, and quality of life.

  • To face the challenges of an aging population, to meet the social demand for quality housing for the elderly, and to build a holistic housing and services community for seniors.
  • To allow retired adults and seniors to continue enjoying the richness of life through the provision of services, comprehensive facilities, and love and caring attitude.
  • To establish a Christian community for the neighborhood, as salt and light, to share the Gospel of Christ.
  • The rate of aging population, the elderly in particular, grows very fast. According to the latest forecast of Statistics Canada, there will be at least 25% of the population is over the age of 65 when we reach 2050.
  • Due to rapid economic and social development, urbanization, and the changes in population and family structure, more empty-nest elderly lives on their own. Various physical and psychological issues correspond to age have increased, resulted in a growing demand for health care resources. In view of the demand and to maintain sustainability of the health care system, the Government has promoted the “Aging in Place” concept. It focuses on the reliance on community supportive services delivered to the home of the elderly, so as to mitigate the demand for long term care facilities.
  • The purpose of the Aging in Place concept is to ensure that the elderly continue living in their homes with appropriate care and facilities, enabling their independence by providing services and social activities by the neighborhood communities.